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4 Myths and Realities of a Social Security Claim

4 Myths and Realities of a Social Security Claim

There are many myths and realities in a Social Security claim. Most are learned from non-attorney friends and family. And most of them either heard from someone else or had their own unique experience in their claim. Listening to other people’s experiences can give you a glimpse of what you could expect in your own …

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How to Win a Social Security Claim Due to a Mental Illness

Winning a disability claim due to a Mental Illness takes skills. A lot of skills. Not just from the attorney representing you but also the medical professionals in charge of your treatment. A doctor learns what it takes to treat patients and tries his best to control a person’s mental illness. At times, the treatment …

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Did your doctor get the joke_ Simple ways to hurt your Social Security Disability Claim (1)

Did Your Doctor Get The Joke? Simple Ways to Hurt Your Claim

You may be wondering: how can a joke hurt my disability claim? Is this a joke? Unfortunately, this is not a joke. The reality is: What You Say To Your Doctor Can And Will Be Used Against You If you read my previous post about Social Media you will remember my warning that anything you say/post can and will …

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This Election Results and What It Means to Social Security Claims

We did it! We are done with the election. It’s going to be a relief seeing something other than election news on TV or social media. But last night’s events cannot be ignored. While for some it’s a victory, for others, the sky has fallen. It’s democracy at its best and worst. It’s the price of …

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how-to-balance your budget like a pro image

How To Balance Your Budget Like a Pro

Living on a minimum budget can be very tricky when you live on disability benefits. The amount people get varies a lot per person. It all depends on the length and amount of contributions. It also depends on how much that person made a month when he/she was employed. Either way, whether it’s a big …

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How to Fix Your Medical Treatment and Win Social SecurityLTD (1)

How to Fix Your Medical Treatment and Win Social Security/LTD

We talked a lot about medical treatment and medical records in our post about the 15 reasons people get denied Social Security. Today we are going to talk about medical treatments and why they are so important. We will also talk about why your medical treatment may be the real reason your claim was denied. Your …

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Cost effective Ways to order your Medical Records and save money (1)

Cost Effective Ways to Order Medical Records and Save Money

Medical records are a vital part of a disability case. Whether it’s Social Security or Short/Long Term Disability, you will only win your case with good quality medical records. We talked about how important they are in my post about the 15 reasons people get denied disability. What does a “Good Quality Medical Record” mean? …

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Medical Records and why they matter in a Social Security Disability Claim (1)

Medical Records and Why they matter in a Social Security Claim

Your medical records are a vital part of your disability claim. Without them, you have nothing! I mean, NOTHING. In part 1 of the 15 reasons people get denied disability, we talked about how 90% of cases are denied “just because… ” (well, they kinda hope you give up and go away) Today we will talk …

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15 reasons Your Disability Claim is Being Denied realtactics (1)

Top 15 Reasons Your Social Security Case Is Being Denied And What To Do Next

People get denied disability benefits every day. But do they really know why they got denied? Some claimants are certain they will win their case simply because they have a diagnosis and they feel they can’t work anymore. No one thinks about what it takes to win a case and all they think is that …

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I Just Received a Denial of My Claim Now What_ (1)

Social Security Denial Letter-A Canned Letter?

You applied for disability and you finally received a letter from Social Security after waiting many months to hear from them. But the news are not as good as you expected: It’s a denial letter that says, in so many words that “even though you have some impairments and these cause you discomfort, after “careful” consideration, we …

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