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5 Day File Your Disability Claim Course


Learn everything you need to know about filing your disability claim and more

  • Learn when, how, why and where to file

  • How to know if you qualify for disability benefits

  • How to read your medical records to see if they are really supporting your claim

  • How to organize your medical records for the duration of the claim

  • The ins and outs of filing a claim


*This course is specific for those who wish to file their claim but don’t know where to start


Learn why the Adult Function Report is one of the trickiest forms you will need to complete for your disability claim

  • You will finally understand why “just being honest” and using “common sense” won’t help you here.

  • Learn all the tips and tricks I use with my own clients to successfully complete this form

  • Discover how judges use this form and your own words against you when they deny your claim

  • Learn the correct way to phrase your answers for the best possible outcome.

*This tutorial is specific for those who already filed their claim or who are considering their options.

*Please Note that if you have already completed this form at your initial application phase, you will be required to complete this form again during the Reconsideration phase of your claim**.

**Some states do not have a Reconsideration phase and go from initial claim to a hearing. Check with your local office for more details prior to purchasing this course

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Learn why using a Residual Functional Report will greatly increase your chances to win your claim:

  • Understand how these forms work to help your claim  

  • How to convince your doctor to complete the forms

  • How to find alternatives if your doctor refuses to help

  • This tutorial includes a Physical Impairments form for those suffering from most ailments    

  • This tutorial also includes a Mental Impairments form for those suffering from mental disabilities    

*This tutorial is specific for those who already filed their claim 

*These forms can be used at any stage of the process (including as part of the evidence submitted for your hearing)

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Learn why taking charge of your medical treatment is important to increase your chances at winning your claim

  • How to read your medical records like a pro

  • Find out if your records really support your disability claim

  • Find out if you need more treatment or visit new doctors to improve your medical records to support your claim

  • How to create a timeline so you always know if you are seeing the right doctors and for the right amount of times during your claim (and after)

*This tutorial is specific for those who already filed their claim or who are considering their options.

*Please Note that a small portion of this course is included in the “5 Day File Your Disability Claim” Guide Course curriculum, in case you are thinking about purchasing both courses (both may contain duplicate information)


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Inspired by the 5 Day “File Your Disability Claim” Course, my book, Real Tactics For Filing Your Disability Claim will teach you: if, when and how to file your disability claim in easy to understand steps and no legalese.

You will also learn how to read your medical records like the pros.

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