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Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability for A Mental Disorder_ rt4

How Do I know I Qualify for Disability? Part 3

“How Do I know I Qualify for Disability?” part 1 and part 2 covered the timing of filing and some of the medical stuff related with knowing if your impairments qualify for disability. Today we will talk about mental impairments and whether you can get disability with these impairments.   Level of Severity and Duration The …

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How Do I Know I Qualify for Disability?-Part 2

In part 1, we talked about rules regarding the timing of your disability filing and how long you have to demonstrate your impairments have lasted to qualify for disability. Today, we will talk about the medical stuff. What medical impairment(s) will have a chance at winning disability. Part of my daily duties is answering calls from prospective clients …

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forest short/long term disability. dont quit or resign-the right time to file

Applying for Short/Long Term Disability? Don’t quit or resign. Here’s Why!

Most people looking to file for Short/Long term disability are worried about the right time to file and the right time to stop working. Should you apply first and quit? Should you apply and still work? What if you can’t work but the employer is demanding you come back to work or else you will …

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How Social Media Can Derail Your Claim Without Warning rt4

How Social Media Can Derail Your Claim Without Warning

Social media can be a great thing. You are able to connect with friends like never before. You can see cute cat videos and funny memes. But something as simple as a picture with friends or holding a baby can also be very damaging to you and your disability claim. You are probably thinking “I’m …

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