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How To Start When You Need to File for Social Security Disability

When claimants want to file for Social Security most are hesitant to start the process because they simply don’t know where to start.

A lot of people begin with the internet to find some basic information and that’s where the confusion begins. While Social Security’s official website is very informative, it still doesn’t offer the “big picture” of how the process works.

It also doesn’t tell you the “secrets” to winning your claim.

The Big Picture When You File For Social Security

The mechanics of your disability claim start long before you even think about filing. There is a lot of document gathering, doctor visits, and finally, the decision to file.

In my article Why You Should Immediately Appeal Your Denial, I posted this image:


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While this is a good overview of a disability claim, the backstage of a claim is much more involved.

You can certainly start by calling an attorney to see

if he/she can file your claim. 

Just know that a lot of attorneys will not take your case until your claim was denied*. *This varies a lot by case, so yes, please call an attorney

And there are many reasons attorneys don’t take cases until there is a denial.

A lot of it has to do with the amount of work involved with a high risk of no return (for the client and the attorney).

It’s possible that the claimant may have filed for Social Security at the wrong time (too early, too late). Or because the medical evidence was just not sufficient to support the claim (not enough treatment or wrong doctors).

The worst part is that the claimant is left hanging without a clue where to go from there.

I always wished I could do something about it

But with time constraints, large case loads, and potential liability issues, attorneys are not able to take the time to go over every single thing a prospective new client should be doing.

There simply would not be enough time for attorneys to work on their retained clients’ cases and still help unretained claimants.

If only attorneys could charge for a consult, there would be at least a possibility to go over a claimant’s situation and the medical records to give that claimant a structured plan before filing the claim.

But that’s not the reality, unfortunately. Paid consultations are not permitted for Social Security casesand this leaves claimants AND attorneys in a tough situation.

Attorneys will read a person’s file to see if they will take the case (for free). But there is simply not enough time to tell each potential client what they should do to improve their particular case until an attorney can represent that claimant.

That’s why I created this blog:

I wanted to share the most common issues I find in my own practice so claimants could start their process on the right track.

And almost a year after creating my blog, I finally came up with a solution to help those unrepresented claimants who want to file for disability, and simply don’t know where to start:


My “5 Day File Your Disability Claim” Guide Course!


5 Day File Your Disability Claim Course


The goal of this course is to teach you how to prepare your case and how to figure out when it’s the right time to file your claim.

I also teach you how to organize and read your medical records to understand if they are actually supporting your claim. Without confusion! 

While the course is not at all a substitution for an attorney, the information contained in this course is a compilation of many years of experience talking to claimants and seeing their struggles.

My intention is to help claimants figure out where they need to work on so that their claim is filed properly and with the right documentation.

The course was written in clear language and no legalese! (well, just some names here and there). And even though I called the course the “5 Day File Your Disability Claim” course, it is a self-paced course.


If you haven’t filed your claim and you wish to start on the right track, * click here * or on the image above and you will be directed to the course page where you can enroll.


The Course is only $9.99!


If you are not sure about it yet, take a “free sneak peek” to see if this course is for you. 

Along with the course lessons, you will also receive two bonus worksheets so you can organize your case file before filing, and for the duration of your claim.

And if you have any questions about the concepts you are learning in the course, I created an exclusive Facebook Page for my “5 Day Course” students.

No attorney can promise that you will win your case.

But I believe that the knowledge acquired in this course will give you a better understanding of the process and greatly reduce the stress associated with starting a disability claim.

So if you have been thinking about filing your claim and you didn’t know where to start, get your 5 Day File Your Disability Claim Course now!


Until next time,

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If you prefer to read a book instead of a course, my book Real Tactics for Filing Your Disability Claim is on Amazon Kindle and paperback!

The book follows the same strategies and lessons from the “5 Day Course” but you can read it all on your Kindle, tablet or phone.

Simply click on the image and you will be directed to my book:


10 Books about Filing for Social Security Disability

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Other Courses by Realtactics4disabilityclaims:


It is finally here!!!


The Ultimate Adult Function Report Tutorial

After months and months of careful preparation, I have created The Ultimate Adult Function Report Tutorial that will teach you step-by-step how to complete one of the trickiest forms Social Security requires you to complete.

You will learn why this form is so tricky and how to phrase your answers in a way that will make it very clear to Social Security how difficult things are for you.

This is the same method I use with my own clients to help them complete the form properly. The wrong answers CAN and WILL be used against you if Social Security wants to deny your claim.

Take a quick “free sneak peek” before you purchase the course and learn why it is so important to complete this form the correct way!

Simply click on the image below to sign up for the course. It is priced very reasonably so you can learn to complete this form without breaking the bank!



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