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How to Survive Financially when waiting for Social Security Disability benefits

How to Survive Financially When Applying for Social Security Disability

One of the questions my clients ask me the most is: “How to survive financially when applying for Social Security Disability?” This is usually a tough question because in most cases the claimant is unable to work. Or at least, unable to work full time. And Social Security tends to deny benefits if the claimant …

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Bullied for Refusing a Mammogram single image

How I Was Bullied For Refusing a Mammogram

Yes. I was bullied for refusing a mammogram! Before you judge my refusal, know that I had very good reasons to do so. I  just never expected to be bullied for it. As usual, I went to the doctor for my annual checkup. Being over 40 you get used to getting bombarded with “you need to …

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image of products helping the lives of the physically disabled

12 Products Helping The Lives of The Physically Disabled

When it comes to products in the market that are helping the lives of the physically disabled most people think of canes and wheelchairs. But there are so many new creations out there that are making people’s lives so much easier and accessible. I thought, why not write a post listing some of those products? …

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Tax Highlights Tax advantages for the disabled

Tax Advantages for the Disabled and How To benefit from Them

There are many tax advantages available for the disabled. But do you know any of them? I have to admit, I don’t.  When I decided to create this blog for my readers I wanted to provide great information about the disability claim process. I also wanted to provide articles about life and issues occurring before, during …

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Is your medication really helping or killing you? Find out why your medication may be doing more hard than good and clean out that medicine cabinet.

Is It Time to Clean Out That Medicine Cabinet?

You can call it a New Years Resolution or just for the heck of it, but you really need to start cleaning out your medicine cabinet. The main reason I am suggesting that is not just to organize your life (which we all should anyway). Nor to get rid of expired medications (you should, seriously!). …

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4 Proven Reasons Disability Claims Are Denied

Before we start, I want you to know that there are many reasons disability claims are denied. Today, I will show you the 4 most common reasons disability claims are denied. I will give you the short list and then I will explain each one. That way you can process the information a little easier …

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how-to-balance your budget like a pro image

How To Balance Your Budget Like a Pro

Living on a minimum budget can be very tricky when you live on disability benefits. The amount people get varies a lot per person. It all depends on the length and amount of contributions. It also depends on how much that person made a month when he/she was employed. Either way, whether it’s a big …

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how to cope with disability and still have a meaningful life (1)

How To Cope With Disability and Still Have a Meaningful Life

Today’s post on how to cope with a disability is actually about the purpose of this page. I am planning great things for this page. My goal is to talk about what it takes to live and cope with disability and still have a meaningful life. I am not disabled. Just so you know. Some quirks and some minor …

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