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If you have filed or are looking to file for disability and you feel lost, then you have come to the right place.

If you want to:

Know WHEN to file your claim and HOW to file your claim? Know WHAT TO DO while waiting for a decision in your case? Know WHAT TO DO to improve your chancesatwinning? Know WHY your previous case was DENIED? Be in CONTROL of your case even when you have an attorney or are looking to hire one? Learn WHY your case was TURNED DOWN by an attorney?

…Then this blog was created for you

Even if you don’t know anything about the process and never needed an attorney in your life before, don’t worry.  This blog will help you understand exactly what happens when you file and what to expect along the way.

Even if you don’t have any legal knowledge and even if you decide to hire an attorney, don’t worry.  You will at least know what is happening in your case and why.

I will explain everything in a friendly and easy way. No legalese. I promise!

I want you to think of me as a friend or neighbor who happens to know a thing or two about the disability process. I will not be in an office and I won’t even wear a suit while talking to you.

I may even invite my pets to participate in the conversation. Pets are great for the soul and they have a calming effect! Can you really get stressed around pets and friends? I don’t think so but that doesn’t mean we are not serious about the subject matter. 

While I always recommend you get an attorney, you CAN be in charge of what is going on. Because of what you will learn here you will feel much better talking to your attorney.

Even your attorney will appreciate the fact that you are more prepared and organized. The goal is to keep attorneys from saying NO to accepting your case.

Sure I won’t be representing you in your case but I will be giving you the tools to understand the process and be more in control so you are not in the dark. And you are getting this information for FREE!!

This blog will also help claimants who have been turned down by an attorney understand why that happened and what to do about it.

Attorneys don’t like turning down cases. Have you ever thrown money out the window with a product or lost a bet? That’s how it feels for attorneys when we have to turn down a case. It’s money out the window.

So when attorneys say no to representing your case there is a very good reason for it. It’s not personal. I will show you how you can prepare your case to the point an attorney may be more willing to represent you so you don’t have to go it alone.

You are probably wondering why is she doing this for FREE? How does she make any money? Well, blogs are supported by ad clicks and affiliate links so while I give you this information for free I will be able to pay the bills because of them. I will also sell certain tutorials for those interested in going a little deeper into the process but the basic information on this site contains so many free goodies that you will be wondering again: Why is she doing this for free?!!

Well, the information you will see on this site is years and years in the making. Why?

First, I repeat the contents of this blog almost every day, on the phone and in person with prospective clients. So I thought,

why not have a place where people can read, watch videos and receive this information in a way that they can refer back to?

Why not allow people to watch video tutorials that they can easily replay if they didn’t understand a concept?

A lot of potential clients call and I tell them these concepts only to see them call again because they don’t remember what they had to do. I want people to have a place they can go to anytime, anywhere. Rain or shine. Midnight or Mid-day.

Second, It saddens me to turn down cases when claimants are nowhere near ready to file a successful case.

I would hate for you to waste time filing a case that more likely than not will be denied because it was either filed too soon, too late or that it lacked the proper documentation to make it successful. It is too many months or years spent trying only to see a denial at the end of your journey. No one likes wasting time and I don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why I created a Free Mini-Course where you can learn the ins and outs of a well prepared Social Security Disability claim. And even if you already filed, you can still learn a lot of good tips and tricks to improve your chances while waiting for a decision. Sign up below and let’s start getting your claim on the right track!  

And If you or a loved one…(I know, I promised not to be like a cheesy T.V. attorney and here I am doing it)! …has filed or are thinking about filing for disability, PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG  so they can get started right away!


Thank you for stopping by,

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This website is not for purposes of retaining clients. The information on this site also does not constitute legal advice. Some of the content may not apply to your particular case and may not apply to your jurisdiction. You or your attorney are responsible for handling your case and deadlines. Again, it is always better to have an attorney handle your case to make sure things go smoothly.