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Why You Should Immediately Appeal Your Social Security Disability Denial

We recently talked about the 15 reasons people get denied disability. Today, we will explore the first reason claimants get a disability denial.

90% of cases are denied on the first attempt!

So what should you do if you get a disability denial? Appeal the case.

Don’t even think about it. Don’t even cry about it. Just do it!

I know you were waiting for a while for the decision and that you need the money. I understand that. And yes, it sucks! A Lot! 

Unfortunately, people have to get very creative with their finances to support themselves during this time. But if you get a denial, giving up or stressing over it will not help you at all!  Health or otherwise. Treat the first denial as part of the process and Repeat after me:

80% of claimants receive a disability denial in their first try!

Remember that life goes on and you may get approved in the next round or by a judge on the third round (this varies by jurisdiction!!! Some States only have two rounds, not three!).

A lot of people simply don’t follow through and give up after reading the disability denial letter.

Don’t be one of those people!

In my previous post about canned denial letters, I explained about how the denial letter is mostly a “cookie-cutter letter with some paragraphs adapted to your case. Realize that these are letters sent to you hoping you simply accept their reasons for denial and go away.

disability claim denial appeal now

You are NOT letting this go!! Appeal it!!

I’ve said this in previous posts and I will say it again: people who have received these letters and appealed eventually received benefits, why?

Because the lower level decision makers were either not qualified to make that decision or were simply dead WRONG!

I even tell my clients that they WILL get denied on their first try. I know it’s not very reassuring when someone wants to hire an attorney and they hear that they are going to be denied.

Why am I hiring you for?” is what I hear. But please understand that even when you have an attorney, there is no guarantee of a quick win. And it may have nothing to do with the competency of the attorney. I see very experienced attorneys lose cases too. So why are cases denied?

What goes on in the underbellies of the Social Security offices across the nation is a mystery

We suspect it has to do with a low budget, overworked and untrained employees, or worse: “clock-watching employees!” (i.e. they simply don’t care and no one has time to oversee what they are doing…or not doing!).

Of course, that will only be changed by getting Congress to do something about it. Until then, we attorneys work with what we have and do our best to get results as quick as we can, why?

Attorneys don’t get paid UNTIL AND IF you win

So when an attorney tells their prospective client that they are going to lose we know the battle is not over and success is on its way!

You should not give up!

Did you ever hear that “when the crew is in panic, that’s when you should panic”? If an attorney is telling you not to panic over that first denial that means it’s not the time to panic! (that simple?! Yes! That simple).

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m panicking because of the money situation!” Yes, it’s a good reason to panic but the world was not built in one day and all I can say is:

Pretty Please: Don’t give up!

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I know the wait is brutal on the finances but once you win (Positive thinking!) you will have an accrued amount of back pay to catch up with the bills. No, it doesn’t stop the collector calls during that waiting period but I want you to know that it gets better.

Now, on the second run (after you appeal that first denial) or what it’s called the Reconsideration phase (please check in your jurisdiction! Your State may not have this phase), your chance of getting benefits increases a little more. Either because your evidence is good enough for them, or you finally retained an attorney who gathered just the right documents for a win.

If you get denied after the Reconsideration period (yes, jurisdiction check!), you can appeal to request a hearing. No, you cannot get a hearing once you initially file and skip a phase. A lot of people ask me about that.

Unfortunately, you have to go through all the appeal levels available in your jurisdiction before you see a judge.

The hearing track is the most important phase in a disability case

And that’s why I always urge people to not go it alone in this phase. It’s not impossible to win without an attorney but most people are not prepared for the work involved.

Most people go in and believe that the evidence will take care of it all. Others don’t send any evidence in and rely on the fact that Social Security ordered records in the earlier phase(s).

The hearing level comes after the Reconsideration period (Check your jurisdiction!). Once you request your hearing (a request for hearing is another appeal) your file will leave the local office and will be sent to the ODAR (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) or “the hearing office“.

This is the time you will be seeing a judge in person or by video conference. Most cases are awarded in this phase of the process.

And yes, in some jurisdictions it can take a few years!

There are a couple of more phases of appeal potential in case you don’t win your claim after seeing a judge. But they are so complex that I would NEVER, EVER recommend anyone trying that on their own. Please call an attorney if you are in that situation!!

To Recap:

If you get denied, appeal! No excuses and no giving up here! Not my readers, at least.

So get out there and make “mama” proud!

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Before you go:

The graphic below will give you the big picture of each phase of the process in a clear and concise way. You can print it and post on your refrigerator so you always have it handy. Again, pretty please check your jurisdiction because some of these phases may not be available in some States!

 disability denial phases-of-a-disability-case-realtactics4disabilityclaims-com

Join me next time for the Second Reason people get denied.

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