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How To Cope With Disability and Still Have a Meaningful Life

Today’s post on how to cope with a disability is actually about the purpose of this page.

I am planning great things for this page. My goal is to talk about what it takes to live and cope with disability and still have a meaningful life.

I am not disabled. Just so you know. Some quirks and some minor aches and pains but I am not disabled.

I am not going to pretend I know what it’s like to live with a disability. But I’m around the disabled all day long and I see their suffering.

What is it like to be disabled?

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My clients have shared what it’s like to deal with the difficulties of the simplest tasks and how they cope with disability. I have interviewed, represented and defended many disabled clients. Their stories are present every day in my practice.

What I’m trying to say is that I hear you. Loud and clear. And I want to share your stories. Your victories and how you overcome your impairments: Every minute, every day, every year.

I also want to share stories of people working to make your life easy. I will include the occasional review of products, new treatments and anything I find that will interest you. Or that will make your life easier.

Whether it’s a mental or a physical disability the struggles are real and sometimes not always visible.

We all hear stories about some “holier than thou” person who decides to leave a note on a disabled person’s car. All because that disabled person parked in a handicapped spot and “didn’t look disabled” in that person’s opinion.

People are quick to judge the disabled even when they don’t have all the facts

It’s up to you and people who live with the disabled to get out there and tell the stories: Your story!

And I’m not talking about a “pity party” story. I don’t want people to feel sorry for youI want them to see a champion!

Someone who gets up every day despite all the pain, the suffering, the discomfort.

That’s a champion in my book! And that, my friend, is your story! 


You may not see it that way because all you did all day was lie down in bed because your dizziness was catching up with you. Or you had to be in a dark room all day because your migraine was an “11” today.

And even if you had to be in your underwear all day. All because your Fibromyalgia pain was so bad you couldn’t even put clothes on. You are still a champion! 

A champion is not about receiving recognition from others only. It’s not about a medal or fireworks.

To Cope with Disability, it Takes Courage!

A champion coping with disability


Your courage to get up every day. Courage to just open your eyes every day! The only one who needs to recognize that is you.

You need to accept you are a champion. You need to recognize that if, by any chance (if you’re religious or not), you were put on this earth to “win” a battle with yourself and “overcome”: you are already there!

I hear my clients saying, “I feel useless, hopeless“. All they want is to provide for their families or themselves. I hear that “they want to work“. But they can’t. Their bodies are simply saying NO!

We all face our challenges every day. They don’t always involve being disabled but they are challenges nonetheless. Some cope with the loss of a loved one. Others cope with poverty, hunger, persecution.

Even in the face of these challenges, we keep going.

And despite the fact that all you do is sit at home or lie down unable to work, know that you are still contributing to society.

That’s right! You do!

You go to the doctor, the doctor treats you. That doctor employs people who depend on patients like you to pay their bills, Those employees pay taxes and get out there and spend money with their purchases. Their purchases generate more taxes and more employment. The circle goes round and round until they get back to you with disability benefits being paid to you (Click on the link to learn if you qualify).

You worked hard, you paid your taxes and the circle goes back to you. Which means you do contribute to society!

Just realize you still support people. A lot of people!

Maybe not the way you envisioned for your life. But you do contribute to the lives of others! And that is very significant in the large scheme of life!

So you are not able to work. It sucks!

But now that you realize you are still contributing to society, it’s time to find some level of happiness in your life. Even if for 5 minutes.

What makes you happy? Is there a hobby you like? If you can’t do that anymore, is there a new hobby that is related to the old hobby that you physically can do, even if for 5 minutes?  Hugging your pet?


Do you like reading?

Here are some great reading materials for coping with disability:

Do you like writing?

What if you created your own blog to talk about your disability and how you deal with it? Imagine how many people would benefit from it! You can start with a paragraph today. Two paragraphs the next and so on.

If you do that, Let me know and maybe you can guest post on this very blog!

Do you like speaking in public?

You could be a guest speaker in events for the disabled. You could speak in support groups or awareness events. You can even do videos in the comfort of your home, and with a simple cell phone camera and share it on your blog or a podcast.

I actually wrote a post about How to survive financially when waiting for your Social Security Disability Claim (click on the link). There are tons of ideas there to make a bit of money while keeping yourself busy.


Finding a smile every day

I want you to find at least one little thing every day that makes you smile. Even if it’s watching videos of cats!


If you crack a little smile, take note of that.

I want you to find meaning in your life, one smile at a time.

Let’s do this, champion!


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  1. LadyH says:

    The comments you made about going to the doctor upset me. My doctors have not been supportive and have not helped me manage or understand my disability. So they are getting paid to do nothing for me.

    • Tatiana says:

      The last thing I wanted to do was upset a reader but I do understand the issues with doctors. It is one of the main reasons people get denied. That’s why it is so important to order records early on and read them carefully so you can catch any issues and potentially fire this doctor and find a more supportive one. There are so many stories like this. It is very frustrating for all of us.

  2. Jill says:

    Dear Tatiana,
    Sending a huge Thank You!! I’ve been disabled from MS for 16 years, had stage III breast cancer and complete mastectomy, plus cervical cancer resulting in a hysterectomy. I’m only 41! Your post had me in tears. It must have touched me considering I take enough antidepressants to never cry again. You were spot on. We all need to be reminded its our courage to continue that counts. There are days I wander around the house looking at all I “should” be doing, but simply can’t. Then I have moments I feel okay and can actually be a mom, but they are far and few between. I struggle with feeling left behind by those who can just get up and go. Even after 16 years of dealing with this there are times I still feel like a newbie trying to figure out how to cope. Thank you for reminding me of my strength to continue on. Your post meant the world to me this morning. Thank you, Jill

    • Tatiana says:

      So glad to hear the article made a difference. Only those going through this know exactly how hard it feels but I see enough to know that the struggle is very real but people need to be reminded that if they are on this earth it means they are here for a reason. We just don’t know if it’s something big or a small gesture that can change the life of others. You are important! Thank you for reading and all the best to you.

  3. Stephy says:

    This was pretty useful to me, as I’ve been thinking of my life as a waste of space lately.

    I actually *started* a blog that contains posts about my disability, but I haven’t updated it in MONTHS. Only because I’ve piled on projects as a distraction and never got back it.

    • Tatiana says:

      Never think that!There is so much you contribute to other’s lives and I’m sure you are very important to a lot of people. There are many challenges we have to face in life but we keep going and never give up. All the best!

  4. Norma says:

    This was very well written and was truthful. I became a disabled nurse 1 1/2 years ago. I have found it very hard to see my function for life now. I worked 40- 60 hours a week for 25 years and it took its toll on my body. Now I struggle to find purpose. Thank you for your blog, it truly has made me think today.

    • Tatiana says:

      I am so glad this post made a different in your life. It’s very important for the disabled to understand that life is not over and the few little things in life are still relevant and that you are still relevant. Take good care of yourself. Your body is asking for that. Thank you so much for reading from the bottom of my heart!

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